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You can be forgiven if you lose your sense of time and place at The Reserve at Lake Keowee®. Step through the gracious Orchard House to its Great Lawn, stretched out before you like the train of a lady's gown. Below, the waters of Lake Keowee sparkle in the late afternoon sun before the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, framed by two stone pavilions, which stand like sentinels in the golden light. Turn back to take in the sight of the grand clubhouse presiding over the Village, regal in its rustic elegance.


The Reserve at Lake Keowee® is a nod to the past, when grand visions were wrought into structures of timber and stone, when a breadth of vision did not mean a lack of attention to detail but exactly the opposite, for it is in detail that true quality is expressed. These ideas, once the norm, are rarely given concrete form today. Yet even as The Reserve at Lake Keowee® is a throwback, it is also a trailblazer, bringing the best of tradition to state-of-the-art facilities and in so doing creating a unique, world-class community.

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