Owning a Piece of Cinematic History

The Oscars have come and gone but the awards show reminds us of the many great films, not just from the last year or so but in all of cinema’s history.  Many of the classic movies capitalized on filming in stunning locations for audiences to see and experience places around the world.    Many of classic Hollywood’s films were shot in Africa, South America or Europe as much of the audience did not have the ability to travel abroad.

One of the undeniably greatest film directors was Sir Alfred Hitchcock.  This “Master of Suspense” thrilled audiences world-wide with his notable films full of innovative directing, plot twists and surprise endings (not to mention his famous cameo appearances).  One famous movie is “To Catch a Thief” of 1955 starring Princess Grace Kelly (before she married Prince Rainier of Monaco) and the ever-dreamy Cary Grant.  This romantic thriller was set and filmed in the French Riviera and the surrounding towns.  The movie includes scenes from a lavish French estate.  This estate, known as La Croix des Gardes, is available for sale from a fellow Sotheby’s office, Côte d’Azur Sotheby’s International Realty.  This stunning Florentine-style château is a piece of cinematic history and much more!

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