Cowpens National Battlefield Celebrates Freedom!

South Carolina is rich in history. One of these locations is the Cowpens National Battlefield in Gaffney, South Carolina, right off of Scenic Highway 11. This national park preserves a major battlefield of the American Revolutionary Way. The victory for Brigadier General Daniel Morgan over the British army on January 17th, 1781 is considered one of the most memorable victories of Morgan. This battle was also an important link in a chain of events that ultimately led to the defeat and surrender of the British commander Lord Earl Cornwallis at Yorktown, Virginia, in October 1781.
The term “cowpens” is endemic to South Carolina pastureland and associated with the early cattle industry. The field itself that this battle took place at was around 500 yards long and same in width and was devoid of undergrowth due to grazing cattle in the spring time.
While visiting the grounds, be sure to take a stroll through the visitor center as it features a museum with exhibits of the American Revolution and the battle. There is a walking tour of the battlefield itself and a reconstructed log cabin plus a picnic area with covered shelter.

With Independence Day fast approaching, there are some special events you and your family may enjoy!  On Saturday, July 2nd, the Cowpens National Battlefield will host their “Celebration of Freedom”!  This is a family friendly event so bring the children and grandchildren along for this fun but also history-packed day.  The events of the day include demonstrations of how to fire weapons of the day, guided battlefield walks, plus many activities for children!  For more information, click here to visit the park website.