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  • We hold the sales record for the HIGHEST PRICED home sold on Lake Keowee and our MLS (listing and selling).
  • We hold the sales record for the HIGHEST PRICED home sold in The Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards ($4.850m — 2015)
  • We hold the sales record for the HIGHEST PRICED home site sold in The Reserve at Lake Keowee
  • We have the HIGHEST AVERAGE TRANSACTION PRICE in our MLS once again in 2015 (average per transaction — $1,148,000). This is more than double our nearest competitor.
  • We have been the Western Upstate MLS’s annual TOTAL SALES LEADER since 2007 (team category)
  • We are the #1 selling real estate team on Lake Keowee since 2007
  • We are the #1 selling independent broker for Cliffs & Reserve property since 2005
  • Sotheby’s International Realty has over 700 offices and 16,000 agents in 53 countries worldwide. That’s a very powerful referral network. We are the voice of luxury real estate around Lake Keowee.



As a Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliate, we are connected to the most powerful real estate sales network in the world. Our affiliation allows us to most effectively drive awareness to the extraordinary properties we represent, as well as provide an unparalleled quality of service. Just a few of our unique and exclusive selling and marketing tools include:

GOLF AND WATERFRONT LIFESTYLE WEBSITES – Waterfront property is the most searched for of any property type in the luxury housing market, and lifestyle marketing–the ability to search for homes based on a desired set of amenities–is one of the ways Justin Winter Sotheby’s International Realty is able to highlight properties for sale and demonstrate our unsurpassed expertise of this segment of the market. Lifestyle properties are viewable on GOLFPROPERTYSIR.COM and WATERFRONTPROPERTYSIR.COM.

SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM -Sotheby’s International Realty’s website attracts more consumers to search, view, and inquire than any other luxury real estate website. In a year, the website generates 10 million visits and 70 million page views, with 21 million property detail pages viewed and 12 focused minutes per visit. Justin Winter Sotheby’s International Realty’s listings are immediately viewable on SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM.

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The Benefits of Moving After Loss

After the death of a loved one, it’s possible that moving could bring a welcome change of scenery. While it’s important that you don’t rush into making such a big decision during this emotionally charged time, there may be practical reasons motivating you to make a move. Financial, psychological, and or physical strains for example could mean that you are just not capable of keeping up or staying in the home anymore. If this is the case, here are a few things to keep in mind while you’re packing up and relocating.


Sorting through a home full of memories and objects that held significance to you and your loved one is understandably going to be a difficult process. To make it easier on yourself, let those around you know what they can do to help. What’s Your Grief recommends that, “If you can’t bring yourself to throw away those half-empty shampoo bottles, to-do lists, and medications, find someone who can.” However, if you prefer to go through things alone that’s okay too. You’ll first need to decide what will be a comfort to you and what is too painful or unnecessary to keep.

Items you don’t wish to keep should be divided up between family members and friends, sold, given to charity, or thrown away. If you have a mass quantity of stuff to get rid of, call a local charitable organization or get a large dumpster as they will pick it up for you when it’s full so you don’t have to make multiple trips. You should also pace yourself and go room by room. Having a plan of action will help make this life altering change and transitional period go smoother than if you didn’t have one. If you know you don’t have the room for certain items, consider photographing them so you don’t feel as guilty about parting with them. You can also remake clothes and other fabrics into a blanket or have a keepsake box and a scrapbook full of special items.

Moving Day

In situations such as this, there are many benefits to hiring movers and packers. By employing the help of professionals your belongings will be safe and insured in the case of any accidents. Additionally, the reality is that it just might be too painful for you to do the brunt of the leg work. Chances are you’ve already gone through enough; lifting and unloading is only going to further exhaust yourself. So don’t be afraid to ask for help as it could be well worth the cost by saving you heartache and backache.

Selling & Buying

Ask friends and family members for a referral so you can work with someone you have experience with and can trust during the process of selling and buying a new home. Finding the right real estate agent will somewhat minimize the hassle of moving. However, it’s important that you communicate with them about your circumstances so they can take care of all the proper details and handle them with care. For instance, they can provide you with vendors to help you do some of the prep work to get your home ready to sell. When it comes to finding a new home, if you are making a significant move, you’ll want to get an agent local to that area.

It can be overwhelming to be dealing with loss while also trying to make a fresh start. However, if you work through your feelings in a healthy way it can be a time of healing. Remember to find comfort in the good times, and know that everyone grieves in their own way. Chances are this will even bring you closer to other loved ones.

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