EarthSkills Upcoming Class on March 12th

Spring is fast approaching and one of the all-time favorite activities is to go hiking and enjoy nature! Before you set out for that trek, consider how well prepared you are in the event of something happening. Perhaps you and your family enjoy camping in the warmer months but what tools and skills do you need, especially in case of an emergency?
One of the most essential skills to have for anyone from a day hiker to a bushcraft master is knowing how to use your knife. With this one simple tool, you are able to obtain the basic necessities in the event of an emergency. Do you know how to start a fire, build shelter, procure clean water and food? If you answered no to any of the previous questions, then you may be interested in the upcoming “Survival Knife Skills” class by EarthSkills on Saturday, March 12th!
EarthSkills is a self-reliance school for wilderness skills. The instructor for this knife class is the founder himself, Alex Garcia. You will learn in a single day how to handle the number one wilderness tool for survival. Along with the maintenance and how to hold a knife, the student learns essential cuts that help in obtaining fire and such.
For registration and what is required, please click here. Please note that March 6th is the deadline to sign up for this informative but fun class! I am writing about this class as one who has taken it previously and I cannot say enough positive things about not only this class but EarthSkills as a whole. I promise, you will thoroughly enjoy Alex Garcia’s instruction and will walk away appreciative you took the time to learn about this important skill and tool.

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