Hawk Watch at Caesar’s Head State Park

Interested in taking in a stunning mountain view with the added bonus of seeing thousands of hawks on their migration path? Well, Caesar’s Head State Park is the place to be from now until the end of November. During this time, you are able to see hundreds of hawks per day as they head down to Central and South America for the winter season. Although the majority of the birds are Broad-winged Hawks you may also catch a glimpse of the Bald Eagle, Osprey, Merlin, American Kestrel, Mississippi Kite and many more.
Not only are the birds in flight a beautiful sight but also the setting and surroundings. Caesar’s Head State Park, located in northern Greenville county, is part of the Mountain Bridge Wilderness. From the overlook, one can see a remarkable view, extending into North Carolina and Georgia. There is also a wonderful Visitor Center that houses many exhibits of attractions in the area, plus a large relief map of the entire Mountain Bridge trail system.

Hawk Watch