The Lake Keowee Cup | 2016


We’re just a few weeks away from the 2016 Lake Keowee Cup golf tournament when selected members of The Cliffs Vineyards, Falls and Springs at Lake Keowee will tee the ball up for a fierce but friendly competition.


The Lake Keowee Cup was conceived as a legacy tournament designed to build friendships between the three Cliffs at Lake Keowee Courses. The competition is contested every year with the opening venue alternating between the two courses of the Vineyards and Falls in a Ryder Cup format between 14 members of the Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards and 14 members from the combined Cliffs at Falls and Springs.

The Vineyards played host and won the inaugural tournament in 2013, with The Falls defeating the Vineyards in 2014 by ½ a point. The 2015 team brought the Keowee Cup back to the Vineyards last year.

The Falls will play host club for 2016:

Vineyards Clubhouse

Thursday, October 13th | Evening opening ceremony and pairings party at The Lakehouse

Friday, October 14th | Play will begins at Falls South

Saturday October 15th | Round 2 at The Vineyards

Sunday October 16th | Final Round, awards and closing ceremony at Falls South

The clubs have assembled very competitive teams for this prestigious event, which will ensure a highly competitive and enjoyable match. So bring your binoculars, good cheer and see who will have the honor of being named the 2016 Keowee Cup champions.