Partial Eclipse over South Carolina June 10th

What are you planning on doing at dawn on Thursday, June 10th?  You might want to set your alarm clocks for the early morning hours so that you may view a partial solar eclipse!

Of course, we remember the last time there was a total eclipse of the sun (did you have your eclipse glasses ready?) but this partial eclipse will have to hold us until the next go around.  On June 10th, the moon will pass between earth and the sun partially blocking the sun’s light from reaching earth.  Not all states will have this wonderful viewing opportunity but you should have no problems seeing it anywhere in South Carolina, assuming clear weather that is!  (And you recall those eclipse glasses we all had back in 2017?  Always smart to protect your eyes when viewing an eclipse so dust them off to ensure you don’t have any harmful effects from your viewing.)

So remember, set your alarm for 6am on June 10th to enjoy the treat that dawn will bring!