Smithsonian Exhibit “Things Come Apart”

Ever wonder how things are made or designed?  Do you ever look at an everyday object and ask yourself just how it works?  If so the current exhibit at the Upcountry History Museum is just for you!  The newest Smithsonian exhibit called “Things Come Apart” made its national debut here in Upstate South Carolina.  This display features over 40 photographs taken by Todd McLellan.  Although the objects in the photos themselves may be ordinary, the way they are carefully taken apart and captured on film will make you rethink many of the items you see day to day.  The exhibit also includes videos and actual objects for hands-on learning.  “Things Come Apart” will be at the Upcountry History Museum through February 19th, 2017 and from there will begin a three year national tour.

The Upcountry History Museum is located right in the heart of Greenville at 540 Buncombe Street, making this a great addition to your next trip into Greenville.  For more information on this and other current exhibits, please click here.