The Great Anderson County Fair of 2019

The Great Anderson County Fair of 2019 is headed this way! Held at the Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center, this event will run from Thursday, May 2nd to Sunday, May 12th. The event is a family-friendly event but also has something for everyone. For the younger ones (or anyone, really – no one is judging!) there is the petting zoo. Not just any petting zoo. This petting zoo also includes various exotic animals for a unique up close and personal experience. Well, there will be some judges as the Rosaire’s Royal Racers will be there. Yes, these racing pigs will make you squeal with delight! So many events and this event to see and do. From delicious fair food to concerts, escape artists to exciting rides, this county fair is the ultimate way to welcome Summer.
For details, such as admission cost and hours of operation, please click here.