Come See the Bees at Pickens County Library System!

The Pickens County Library System (PCLS) has bees!  Yes, but don’t be alarmed – the reason is really rather sweet.

PCLS has been awarded the Bee Cause Project Grant. This grant allows each branch of our local library system to have an observation hive!  The Bee Cause Project is a non-profit that is all about supporting the honey bees (see, I told you there was a sweet reason!).

Bees are an extremely important part of our ecosystem, helping fuel our food supply.  But sadly (and rather alarmingly as well), honey bees are dying at record rates, putting future food supplies in danger. Bees, through the pollination of fields, gardens and orchards, provide almost one third of all the food we eat so it is very important that we understand and encourage our bee friends. The Bee Cause is helping to educate young minds (and old) of the beauty and vital importance bees play in our environment by providing up close opportunities to observe their amazing hives. To date, this project has provided hives for over 300 schools in 50 states and 4 countries around the world. 

As part of the grant, The Bee Cause Project provides support and materials to help the libraries hold educational workshops, reading events, and other community outreach programs.  The Project works in collaboration with a local company, Bee Well Honey Farm to source the bees. As they are our local experts on all things bees, they will also make sure all transported bees will be well settled into their new homes.  

Want to learn more about bees?  While at the library, check out a book or two on the subject! We highly recommend The Honey Makers by Gail Gibbons!  Aimed at elementary-aged children, this book has wonderful illustrations and teaches children all about the amazing world of honey bees – from their intricate family structures, to how they build their hives, care for their young, and produce honey. 

Make sure to stop by a local Pickens County branch location to view the new additions! Remember to stop and enjoy the simple beauty of nature’s little miracle workers.