Fun Facts about some Christmas Songs

‘Tis the Season! No matter if you are gathering with family and friends, making cookies, or out shopping, this is the season that you will hear Christmas carols everywhere you go!
Here are just a few fun facts about some of our popular songs during this season.
For starters, the word “carol” originally meant to dance in joy of something. For some, it might be a good thing we have come to know it more just for the singing. These carols were also penned and sung (or danced!) for all fours season but the tradition has stuck with Christmas.
One of the most noted Christmas songs is “O Holy Night”. Did you know this was the second piece of music ever to have been broadcast from the radio? Yes, in 1906 on Christmas Eve is when many first heard songs and voices on the radio airwaves.
How about the infamous “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. Can you list all of the gifts? Aside from trying to remember all of the items, just imagine how many presents the receiver of this song would actually get. Want to do the math? It is 364 total gifts! Whew…now where to put all those geese? But if you are planning on spending Christmas in Australia, you might need to re-visit the lyrics to the song. The Aussie version (or versions – there appear to be several variations) replaces the items with Australian animals. Try saying “three kookaburras laughing” three times fast!
Most of us only listen to these Christmas selections for a short part of the year. With that in mind, it may surprise you that the best-selling single of all time happens to be one of these beloved Christmas songs! With more than 100 million copies sold worldwide, Bing Crosby with “White Christmas” comes in at #1 in this ranking. Even though original released in the movie “Holiday Inn” of 1942, the song continues today to set the mood for many this season.
No matter how you plan on celebrating this season, we hope you enjoy all the sights and sounds about!