Hidden Gem in Greer – Suber’s Corn Mill

If interested in historic structures, this easy road trip is great for the residents of The Cliffs Communities and The Reserve at Lake Keowee. Even those who live towards Lake Keowee, a beautiful drive down Highway 11 and then off Highway 209 will bring you to this early 1900’s grist mill that is still operating! James Suber’s son, Walter Hillary Suber, built this mill between 1908 and 1912 and amazingly has been in almost continuous operation since.
Super’s Corn Mill is only one of a handful of surviving mills that still grinds corn using only water power. Located on the slope of a wooded hill, this mill’s water supply is Princess Creek, a branch of Enoree River. Water flows into a holding pond and then runs down a wooden chute onto the paddles of this mill’s large wheel. The corn that is then ground beneath the millstone is bagged and ready for sale.