It Is Time To Move

When you list your home or property with Justin Winter & Associates | Forbes Global Properties you instantly have access to thousands of buyers interested in luxury properties through the Forbes Global Network. Our affiliation with Forbes Global Network connects your luxury property with the highest caliber clientele in the world making the sell of your home an experience you will actually enjoy.

Many times sellers will have a challenging time deciding to list their homes on Lake Keowee. Residents of The Cliffs Communities and The Reserve know how delightful lake living is. When they decide to sell their homes with us, the decision is not made lightly. Are you considering listing your property and just cannot decide if now is the right time? Let us give you some assistance in deciding whether or not to sell.

The Market Is Ready

According to, 61,000 new home constructions were sold. This is the largest number since July 2007 and the reason for this is the fact that the current market is low on available homes.

Enter your property. With a tight market, new listings make a big splash. If you are considering listing, the market is ready and waiting for you.

You Are Cramped

Does your current home feel maxed out? Are you using every spare inch of available space and still feeling cramped? The home you currently reside in may well have served its purpose. There is no reason to continue dwelling in a residence that causes more strife than joy. If your budget allows, perhaps you should think about listing your home and upsizing.

Your Home Feels Cavernous

On the other hand, do you feel like you are not using all the space in your current home? This is the season of graduations and many families are now facing the prospect of an empty nest. Perhaps all that space is simply no longer necessary. If that is the case, maybe now is a great time to contact an expert here at Justin Winter & Associates | Forbes Global Properties.

Remodeling Is Not Worth The Hassle

Remodeling your existing home has many benefits. You can create an entirely new living space with a few adjustments. However, many times the return on investment is not worth the trouble. An updated kitchen with all new appliances, an incredible backsplash, and glamorous fixtures will undoubtedly bring new life to your home but it could also cost much more than it will add to the value of your home.

If this sounds like a familiar scenario, perhaps you would benefit most by listing your home rather than struggling through a remodel.