Outstanding Local Realtor Ranked Number 2 in the State!

Finding the right Realtor® is never an easy task, that’s why a list like this one that Newsweek just published, makes it that much easier! Justin Winter, or JW as many call him, our broker in charge, was just ranked the #2 realtor in South Carolina! Justin is a member at both The Reserve at Lake Keowee and The Cliffs’ where he enjoys maintaining friendships with clients long after their real estate experience has ended. Justin’s ability to provide constant support and advice to clients is just one of the reasons he was featured on this list.

 “Justin has been patient and straight forward during the whole process of finding what we wanted. It has been a privilege to get to know and work with him and all his team; JUST GOOD PEOPLE!”, this is just one of the many testimonials left on our page about JW! With Justin’s tenacious leadership skills and a keen eye to detail, he leads his team to more sales, better service, and greater success than competitors.

Top Ranking Realtors in South Carolina:

Justin Winter Ranked #2 Realtor in South Carolina