Looking Toward “Rewirement”



If you’re approaching or have reached retirement age—and yet we could be describing active people of any age, mental and physical health is critical to enjoying a fulfilling life. These days, people are choosing to retire later, or not at all. Buoyed by a new sense of freedom and the self-assurance that comes with age and experience, people in later life are no longer looking ahead to retirement, instead they’re looking forward to the life stage now called “rewirement.”

Maximum opportunity to enjoy an active and engaged lifestyle exists in an escarpment of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Named by Forbes as one of the “Top 25 Places to Retire”, upstate South Carolina offers abundant multi-level hiking trails, clean air and close proximity to healthcare facilities and nearby conveniences of city living. The area clearly provides an excellent location to challenge popular perceptions of aging and thriving in this new life stage. In itself, the communities of The Cliffs and The Reserve at Lake Keowee offer an additional level of well being through resort-like amenities behind a gated community.

Carson of Downton Abbey summarized beautifully by stating,

“ The business of life is the acquisition of memories.

In the end that’s all there is.”

Add to your collection of memories by contacting us about home ownership opportunities available in the undiscovered area of Upstate South Carolina.