Ready for the Sunshine?

Spring is here and like most people, you are ready to shed the heavy winter layers and enjoy some sunshine! The Lake Keowee area is a perfect spot to soak up some rays. Go for a walk and enjoy the mountain vistas or work a while in your garden. Regardless of what you do in the sunlight, there are numerous benefits to doing so. Before proceeding, if exposed to too much sun there is a chance of skin cancer so please understand that as good as sunlight is for the body, don’t overdo it!
Most people are aware that sun exposure gives our body much needed vitamin D. Vitamin D is linked to reducing and fighting stress. Skin that has exposure to these ultraviolet rays releases a compound that reduces blood pressure. One also sleeps better with a certain amount of daylight exposure. Sunlight during the day helps to keep circadian rhythms where they need to be, which boosts your levels of serotonin resulting in a better night’s rest. Another benefit is bone health! Low vitamin D has been linked to some diseases such as osteoporosis. Armed with the knowledge, go and enjoy the sunny days knowing you are helping your health!