Retirees Are On The Move To The Carolinas

Retirees are on the move once again and many are planting roots in the beautiful states of North and South Carolina. Why now? Several factors have contributed to the recent increase in a change of scenery for retirees and nothing is more responsible than an improving economy. After the fiasco of a compromised economy dating back to the recession of 2008, retirees simply could not justify the additional expense of relocating. A downward trending economy coupled with the inability to sell their existing homes all but put a stop to moves later in life. However, home sales are now up nationwide and retirees are seizing all that this has to offer.

With additional funds thanks to improved stock portfolios and a booming economy, it makes sense to pack up and leave for a location that offers an abundance of seasonal opportunities, artistic venues, and an outdoor lifestyle that is second to none. Enter the Carolinas. North and South Carolina boast gorgeous weather, mountains, beaches, rivers, and the ability to remain active long after retirement age. With so much to offer, it is no surprise that we are experiencing an influx of new homeowners in the region.

Another reason for all the new comers is that those who entered retirement several years ago want something else. They want something different. They are ready to leave more expensive locales such as Northern California and head to states that offer a higher quality of life with less expense. The Carolinas offer a lifestyle that is in line with these desires and many are taking note. Other retirees are looking to re-enter the workforce in more of a low-pressure atmosphere and this is a draw to our area as well.

It should also be noted that today’s retirees aren’t looking to sit back and recline all day. They want the ability to live in an environment that allows them to remain active later in life, and we have communities just like that here in the Carolinas. The seven communities that make up The Cliffs each have a distinct style and give residents the chance to be active year round. Designer golf clubs, lake activities, hiking, bird watching, tennis courts, and social clubs all come with life at The Cliffs. Justin Winter & Associates | Forbes Global Properties has properties in each community ready and available for the right person.

Are you considering a change of course? Are you drawn to immaculate scenery and a thriving arts and academic lifestyle? If so, Justin Winter may have the right home to suit your ever-changing needs. Contact us today and let us get to work on your behalf whatever stage of life you are currently in.