Scuba Diving Certification here in The Upstate

Since 2004, Clemson University has been teaching a course on scuba diving as part of their Leisure Skills curriculum.


The course is part of several Clemson offers to give students more opportunities to introduce themselves to new activities while counting as credits towards their degree. The program was launched back in 1972 after campus leaders noticed a need to increase physical education curriculum while providing networking and campus involvement opportunities. The program has flourished and as of current, serves almost 2,500 students each semester. Courses vary widely to capture students’ vast variety of interests. Examples of courses offered are dance, bowling, hunting, yoga, kayaking, fitness, and outdoor recreation.


The Leisure Skills scuba diving class teaches basic open water diving techniques and helps students gain the knowledge they need to meet requirements of an open water diving certification. This course consists of 4 classes to help teach the basics of open water diving in pool sessions on campus as well as diving in the local lakes, including Lake Keowee and Lake Jocassee.


The course is taught by a gentleman named Robbie from Upstate Scuba. Robbie has been teaching this course since 2004 after Robbie visited Clemson University and realized the area had all of the elements he needed to start a scuba diving business. The director of the Leisure Skills program at Clemson said that this class gives an opportunity to help students earn a certification that was otherwise locally unavailable. Over the past 15 years of offering this course, Robbie has certified over 3,000 students! Aside from Clemson classes, he has expanded his training courses to include training to first responders for diving rescues in Lake Keowee and Lake Jocassee.


Many choose Clemson for their amazing football team (Go Tigers!) and beautiful location. Tucked close to Lake Keowee, these courses are a perfect opportunity for any Clemson student to expand their horizons, take in all the Keowee & Upstate area have to offer, and build lasting friendships. For true nature lovers wanting an adventure like no other – exploring Lake Keowee and Lake Jocassee from below the surface, we highly recommend Upstate Scuba’s course. See the sunken towns hidden deep below Lake Jocassee and build unforgettable memories along with a new skill. If you’re a student or parent of a student interested in this course, contact your advisor today to sign up!