Seneca’s Main Street and Ram Cat Alley

Ram Cat Alley is the part of Main Street in the small town of Seneca, South Carolina. This small town got its start as a railroad junction in the 1870’s and then grew as cotton farmers would gather with their wagons for the arrival of the trains. Quickly the area began to see hotels, a terminal, a park and so forth spring up with the demand. Many textile mills were then built around the turn of the century and dominated this small town’s economy for almost 70 years. Seneca was not impenetrable though and like so many other textile towns, most of the mills in Seneca were closed during the 1980’s and 1990’s. Now, when you drive or walk around the downtown area, you get the feel of the charm from days gone by but with the fun and upbeat eclectic feel of today. Seneca’s Main Street and Ram Cat Alley is full of entertaining events and delightful shops. No matter if you stop by in the day or evening, you will find plenty to enjoy!