A Serious Home Seller Attracts Serious Buyers

Justin Winter & Associates | Forbes Global Properties is honored that you have chosen our team of experts to sell your luxury property in the Lake Keowee region. We know you have an abundance of options when it comes to listing your home in The Cliffs Communities and The Reserves and truly appreciate your faith in us. When you list with us your home becomes our sole priority and serving you becomes our goal. Our office has been the leader in home sales in Lake Keowee since 2007 and we put that experience to work for you. With us, your home is exposed to serious buyers ready to make substantial offers.

As a seller, nothing is more frustrating than flippant buyers who waste your valuable time. What does an earnest buyer look like? Serious buyers know what they want. They have a list of non-negotiable items and are unlikely to be swayed. Buyers who mean business in the luxury market work with reputable Realtors and are not merely interested in attending an open house just to get a glimpse inside your home. Armed with information, they are ready to make an offer when they see exactly what they want.

Serious buyers will be drawn to your property and that means that you must be a serious seller. You have already taken that step by listing with Justin Winter. Our experts will market your home using the most effective methods. We will advertise your home to qualified buyers and your property will benefit from our affiliation with Forbes Global Properties. Represented in 53 countries with over 15,000 agents, the Forbes Global Properties network has an incredibly wide reach.

There are other things you can do after listing with us to increase your chances of quick sale.

Effective Staging

You want your home to stand out and give buyers a feeling of home. Declutter all areas of your home and make sure countertops are clear and open giving buyers great site lines. Consider using neutral colors if you are updating wall paint and flooring. Neutral colors can make spaces feel large and roomy and buyers love that. On that same note, use all the natural light you can. Open curtains and blinds to reveal the stunning views that made you fall in love with your property in the first place.

Play Up Outside

The mild winters of South Carolina and the dusting of snow that accompanies winter in North Carolina are both incredible reasons to make your outdoor space livable. Create spaces that beckon residents and guests to enjoy the great outdoors.

Showcase Lifestyle

The clientele that considers buying a luxury property is doing so for more than a home. They are purchasing a lifestyle as well. When selling your home, make sure to include mementos of the lifestyle you have become accustomed to and showcase the life purchasing your property can provide.