South Carolina Taxes Attractive for Retirees

When the time is right for you to consider retirement and possible relocation, Upstate South Carolina is fast becoming a top contender for many.  For some, it is the mild four season and pleasant climate.  Others like the low density population and closeness of abundant natural resources — such as lakes and mountains — while keeping the convenience of nearby towns and cities.  One factor that will impact you regardless of your personal preferences will be the tax rates.

According to Kiplinger, South Carolina is a tax-friendly state, especially for retirees, and although we have income tax our state has very low resident property taxes (6th lowest in the country)!  For more information and to compare with other states, please click here.

If you are considering relocation, regardless of whether it is driven by retirement or otherwise, please feel free to reach out to our office for more information on Upstate South Carolina and the wonderful communities in which to live!