South Carolina’s Nickname “The Palmetto State”

In recent years, South Carolina has seen an influx of “out of towners” moving to the area. Why, you ask?


Before I spill all of the wonderful secrets about this beautiful state, I’d like to fill you in on the history of why we are called “The Palmetto State”. Believe it or not, the historical significance of our beloved “Palm” tree (as we South Carolinians like to call it) started during the time of the Revolutionary War. The British fleet’s cannons, firing onto Sullivan’s Island, SC, were no match for the palmetto-log fort, under Colonel William Moultrie, and eventually retreated in defeat. Soon after, the Palmetto Tree was declared South Carolina’s state tree.


The Palmetto Tree represents our lovely state in the sense that, as South Carolinians, we stick together. In South Carolina, strangers wave to strangers and say “Hey, how are you?” which is a commonly heard phrase. We are, in fact, a very friendly group with strong roots…just like our beloved Palmetto Tree.


The license tag on our vehicles has read “Smiling Faces, and Beautiful Places.” How true this statement proves daily! From our mountains and expansive emerald lakes in the Upstate, to the beautiful inlets and coastal waters, and out to the endless Atlantic Ocean. At it’s nearest point to the Upstate (Charleston) the Atlantic Ocean is only a 3.5hr drive to one of our many beaches, which gives us the best of both worlds — low country and high country. Common hobbies include enjoying outdoor activities; hunting, fishing, hiking, golfing, water sports, gardening, photographing beautiful landscapes, cycling, taking your dog for a walk or eating a delicious meal in downtown Greenville. The options are almost endless! South Carolina is a true, hidden gem.