Spring Is a Great Time to List Your Home

Are you on the fence about selling your luxury property in the Lake Keowee area? Have you considered listing but are debating whether now is the best time? Questions like these plague many would be home sellers and they are absolutely valid concerns. You have put so much time, effort, commitment, and love into your home and choosing to sell is no small undertaking. Justin Winter & Associates | Forbes Global Properties is the premiere luxury home realty company in the Lake Keowee region. We have made it our mission to create solid relationships with each of our clients and provide the most accurate and up to date information to everyone we work alongside. We know selling your home is a big decision and we are here to help.

According to Realtor.com, spring has traditionally been viewed as the beginning of selling season. Many people find that the additional day light coupled with the coming end of the school year make spring a great time to start looking for a new home. There are many advantages to listing in the spring. Here are a few reasons to list your home now.

Higher Home Prices

Many people begin searching for a home during this time period and that makes for an increase in sales prices. Demand for homes during the spring and summer months is higher because it is the best time for most families to make a move. High demand for homes creates higher prices for sellers.

Higher Appraisals

When a price for your home is being set, Realtors consider the selling prices of homes within the same area. During the spring and summer, more homes are sold – and many are happy victims of bidding wars that increase the selling price – so your home will be valued at a higher rate because of recent sales.

This is not to say that you cannot sell in the fall or winter! Your luxury property listed with Justin Winter & Associates | Forbes Global Properties will sell no matter the season. However, when more homes are sold at higher prices this creates an advantageous scenario for the listing price of your home.

You Get to Be Picky

Because more homes are sold during this time period, you, the seller, get to be choosier about who purchases your home. If you are not in a rush and truly care about who purchases your home, it is likely that you can be choosier about who you agree to sell to. There is also evidence to suggest that potential bidding wars can occur while demand is high. More people interested in your home means a higher selling price.

Clearly, spring is a great time to sell your property. However, we know that it can still be a serious decision fraught with insecurities. If you have any questions about selling your property, contact our office today. Our team of expert Realtors will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision and then walk with you ever step of the way.