Visiting the Carl Sandburg Home

Hendersonville, North Carolina is home to many wonderful sites. Along with the beauty of nature that surrounds this area, there is the Carl Sandburg Home, a national historic site. Located in the picturesque town of Flat Rock, this site preserves the home of Carol Sandburg, who was a Pulitzer prize-winning writer and poet.
At this historic site sits the Sandburg home plus the goat farm, sheds and rolling pasture land fading into the mountainside woods. Carl Sandburg’s wife, Lilian, required over 30 acres alone to raise her dairy goats, which have since been designated as a historic herd by the U.S. government! At any given time, visitors can see over a dozen of these goats but at the height of this farm there were over 200 goats! You are able to visit the barn but keep in mind this is a self-guided area but no fee is required to access the grounds or the barn. Along the grounds and woods are about 5 miles of trails that range in difficulty. For a map from the National Park Service, please click here.
A fee is required to tour the home but such a nominal fee given the history of this building. Through the home, you are guided by park staff who give insight and details of the Sandburg’s family and home. Before leaving, don’t forget to stop by the bookstore on the first floor of the historic home place. Many items are available relating to the Carl Sandburg home, including books of his works of writing.