What To Leave When You Move

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Often times sellers just are not sure what they should leave with the house and what goes with them after their home is sold. Below are some guidelines to help you decide. It should be noted that what is considered part of a home varies from state to state and can be a confusing ordeal for both buyers and sellers. Follow these guidelines but always speak to your Realtor if you have questions regarding what needs to stay and what must go.

Fixtures Stay

Generally speaking, it is expected that homeowners leave behind any fixtures. What constitutes a fixture can be easily identifiable in most cases as anything that is permanently adhered to a home. Items that are adhered to the home and play a significant role in its function fall into this category. This means that home appliances such as the dishwasher and refrigerator stay while a freestanding coffee pot is free to be packed up amongst other items for your move. Here is a more comprehensive list of items considered fixtures:

  • Window Shades**
  • Curtain Rods
  • Built-In Bookshelves
  • Rooted landscaping
  • Built-In Appliances
  • Hardware

**Window dressings can be a gray area in many places. Sometimes the curtains and drapes are custom made and if you want to keep them with you be sure to have your request in writing so that buyers aren’t blindsided.

Personal Property Goes

This sounds like common sense. However, the line can be a blurry one, especially for buyers. Custom made pieces like artwork or sculptures create details that bring your home to life. Buyers are often drawn to these signature pieces and view them as parts of the home. There can be an expectation on the part of buyers that pieces like this stay.

In order to avoid any contentiousness with buyers, be sure to be very clear with your Realtor about what personal property you intend to take with you. This can avoid awkward or hostile interactions. To simply this even more, if you want to keep it then go ahead and put it away before you list your home.