Birding Clubs of the Area

The greater Upstate region of South Carolina is not only home to many beautiful and diverse plants, but also some fascinating and stunning birds!  With so many beautiful species of birds to study, our area has several “birding” clubs where members learn about area birds together. Here are the top organizations in the greater Greenville & Western North Carolina area:

  1. The Greenville County Bird Club is a birding organization where the members share an enjoyment of the local wild birds and their habitats. You are welcome to join in the various outings, workshops, and social events regardless of whether you are an expert in ornithology or simply a beginner. Keep updated on what they have planned on their Facebook page. The page showcases amazing photography taken by members as well as details from others about where you can go in our area to see certain birds.
  2. The Keowee-Clemson Bird Club is another closer to residents of Lake Keowee, especially the southern lake region. This club also has regular outings, presentations, and get-togethers. This group tends to have more in-person meetings that you can be a part of.
  3. The Carolina Bird Club supports birding throughout the Carolinas and has regular meetings around Asheville, North Carolina as well as various other locations throughout the Carolinas such as Charlotte, NC and Beaufort, SC.  The group carefully plans field trips across both states at peak times of the year to witness certain birds and puts a  big emphasis on education and conservation.


Of course you don’t have to be a member of a birding club to up your bird watching game in our state! There are a lot of great bird books that shine a spotlight on our area’s top birds. Here are our favorites:


With the summer winding down and temperatures starting to cool off again, it’s a perfect time to pack a picnic, put on some hiking boots, grab your camera, and enjoy some quiet time outdoors observing our glorious nature.