The South Carolina State Parks Family is Growing!

Exciting developments are underway for nature enthusiasts and outdoor lovers in South Carolina as the South Carolina State Parks family expands! In a state renowned for its natural splendor and diverse landscapes, the introduction of new state parks is a reason for jubilation. Let’s delve into these fresh additions and what they offer to visitors.


Misty Lake in North Augusta, South Carolina (Scheduled to Open Early 2024)


The first addition is Misty Lake, located in North Augusta, South Carolina. Formerly a private corporate retreat, this pristine 190-acre expanse is now part of the state parks system. Misty Lake boasts a 5-acre man-made pond, creating an ideal haven for fishing enthusiasts. The tranquil waters house a variety of fish, catering to anglers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or simply seeking a peaceful day by the water, Misty Lake has something for everyone.


Moreover, Misty Lake provides an excellent setting for family picnics, with its vast green areas and tranquil lakeside scenery. The dedicated playground ensures hours of fun and laughter for kids. Planning an event? Misty Lake has you covered with its 2,500+ square-foot clubhouse and several rentable picnic shelters, making it an ideal location for family reunions, corporate gatherings, or special celebrations.


Pine Island on Lake Murray, South Carolina (Scheduled to Open Early 2024)


Another thrilling addition to South Carolina’s State Park family is Pine Island, situated on Lake Murray near the state capital of Columbia. Nestled amidst abundant greenery and pine forests, Pine Island provides a sanctuary for water lovers, with opportunities for boating, swimming, and fishing. Whether you prefer casting your line from the shore or enjoying a leisurely boat ride, Pine Island caters to all preferences.


The park offers picturesque hiking paths that meander through woodlands and along the lake’s edge, catering to both beginners and seasoned hikers. Exploring these trails allows visitors to immerse themselves in the natural splendor of the area.


Dearborn State Park, Great Falls, South Carolina (Scheduled to Open 2025) and Ramsey Grove Plantation in Andrews, South Carolina (Scheduled to Open 2025)


While Misty Lake and Pine Island are set to open in early 2024, South Carolina has more in store for the coming years. Dearborn State Park in Great Falls and Ramsey Grove Plantation in Andrews are slated to welcome visitors in 2025, adding their unique charms and attractions to the state’s growing list of outdoor destinations.


Nearly two decades since the last state park was established in South Carolina, the addition of these new parks marks a significant milestone. These expansions not only provide more recreational opportunities for locals but also attract visitors from far and wide, encouraging them to explore the natural wonders of the state.


For additional details about these new state parks and the existing ones, visit the South Carolina State Parks website here.


With the imminent openings of Misty Lake, Pine Island, Dearborn State Park, and Ramsey Grove Plantation, South Carolina’s State Parks family is expanding. It’s an opportune moment to plan your next outdoor adventure, embracing the beauty of the Palmetto State and creating lasting memories in these novel and exciting destinations.