Tour Earth’s History at the Bob Campbell Geology Museum

If you’re looking for something unique and educational to do in Upstate SC, look no further than the Bob Campbell Geology Museum in Clemson! Not only is parking and admission free, but you will get a chance to explore an array of minerals, rocks, and fossils from around the world. Learn more about what this museum has to offer! 


The BCGM is filled with various geological and paleontological displays that take visitors on a tour through Earth’s history. Among these displays are some truly unique artifacts like the Smilodon fatalis skeletal mount, which is a replica of a Saber-tooth Tiger. Visitors can also explore the interactive stations throughout the museum that allow them to search for minerals by name or shape. In addition to all these exhibits, there are also various special events and educational programs available throughout the year. 


The BCGM also houses an impressive collection of specimens from South Carolina. You can explore fossils from over 500 million years ago, as well as minerals from across the Palmetto State. These collections span nearly every county in South Carolina and offer visitors an insight into how our state has changed over time. 


No matter if you’re an aspiring geologist or just want to learn something new about our state, the Bob Campbell Geology Museum has something for everyone! So make sure you add this museum to your list of things to do in Upstate SC and experience the Earth’s history in a whole new way.  Plus—did we mention it’s free? What better way to spend a day than exploring our past without spending a dime? We’ll see you at the BCGM!