Visiting The Arts Center of Clemson

On the outskirts of Clemson University, sandwiched between Tiger Blvd, Highway 76, and 93, is The Arts Center of Clemson. The center is operated by the City of Clemson Parks and Recreation department and is a one-stop place for art lovers.  The building houses art exhibits and classes for all ages and was established for the purpose of bringing extraordinary arts education to the community.  From our recent trip, we would say they are fulfilling that purpose amazingly!

For Clemson and south Lake Keowee residents, this is a fantastic go-to spot to learn something fun and creative.  It’s a perfect time to find a new hobby and meet new friends, and we can’t recommend the Arts Center enough. There are numerous classes available, for youth and adults alike.  Everything from jewelry and ceramics to photography and drawing, there is most likely something to spark your inner artist!

The Center seems to have an amazing sense of community and is very active with showcasing local talent.  They frequently hold filmmaking, local artists, and interactive events like pumpkin carving in the fall for area residents. Let’s take a deeper look at classes typically offered:

  • Youth: For school-aged kids, they offer after school art classes. Kids can learn how to draw, paint, or work with clay.  And for all the families homeschooling this year, they have a fantastic homeschool program during the day so your children can meet other homeschoolers. Broken into classes based on grade groups, your child can learn from a professional artist around kids their own age.
  • Adult: The Arts Center of Clemson also offers adult-only classes focusing on drawing, painting (acrylics, oil, watercolor), pastel art, printmaking, fiber arts (using fabric, yarn or other fabrics to weave, quilt, knit or embroider), and mixed media art which combines multiple mediums and materials into one art piece. They also offer jewelry making which include super unique classes like metal smithing to make hammered metal bracelets for instance, and enameling classes using a kiln. And if working with fire is something that interests you, glass fusing is an another unique class offered to adults.
  • Photography studio & outdoor photography classes are also provided. To verify if a student under 18 can join, contact the center here.


For serious potters, they have a Clay studio that has open hours for potters to drop in and drop some clay on the wheel. You must register for a month in advance and you can sign up here.


Wanting a relaxing and interesting afternoon? Drop by and take a stroll around the gallery and enjoy the current art on display. We love seeing what changes month to month. Located at 212 Butler Street of Clemson, you will find yourself close to other attractions and places to eat to make a fun day of it all!  Click here for details on gallery hours and for event or class information. Also visit their Facebook page for additional information or to stay alert of any notifications.