A Night Under the Stars

A night under the stars may sound romantic and indeed, it might be but it can also be entertaining and educational! The Roper Mountain Science Center presents Friday Starry Nights! Your ticket includes a feature show, live “sky talk” and telescope viewing! You begin in the 50 foot giant dome that immerses you in a full-dome movie with 360 degree views. The astronomer explores our “Carolina Skies” with you and teaches you how to spot planets, bright stars and certain constellations. You then follow the astronomer to the Daniel Observatory where you have the chance to view through the 23 inch refractor telescope.
Two of the programs playing on these Friday nights include “Legends of the Night Sky: Orion” and “Chasing the Ghost Particle”. Orion is a lighthearted and imaginative look at the myths and stories associated with the constellation Orion. This program is a wonderful child-friendly time to learn how the constellation was placed in the sky. The later show of “Chasing the Ghost Particle” is recommended for children 10 and up and adults. Here, the participants are taken through a journey that looks into the world of exploding stars and black holes.
Proceeding both above Friday night shows is a 15 minute pre-show that shows what is happening on that particular night in the sky! Images of Greenville with planets, constellations and much more. So no matter the weather, you can go enjoy a stunning starry night in Greenville, South Carolina.