BMW Performance Center

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make those tight turns or drift like a pro? What about just putting the pedal to the metal and flying down a straightway with no thought to speed limit? Just outside Greenville, in Greer on Highway 101, is the BMW Performance Center, a driving school that offers BMW car and motorcycle training for those not faint of heart.

With an investment of over $10 million, BMW’s Performance Center in Upstate South Carolina is a cutting-edge facility with a variety of tracks and simulated road conditions used for building fearless and strong drivers.

The center offers several driving schools:

  • Teen driving school classes are offered to build teenagers’ confidence in driving in all road conditions. This isn’t your typical teen driving class. Held on a closed track, the aim of the class is to make drivers more alert to road hazards and avoid distractions while maneuvering obstacles, braking quickly, and making difficult lane changes. Teens will walk away with more confidence in how to handle potentially dangerous driving situations. The class is offered as a one-day or two-day immersion.
  • Driver’s School may sound like normal driving, but it isn’ This is BMW style. So for their driving school, you can expect a day of high octane activities not for the light-footed. During this one or two-day training, drivers, much like the teen course, will learn how to handle difficult driving situations like wet skidding and panic braking, as well as have fun speeding on their tracks.
  • Another course, M School, teaches what a BMW M series can really do on pavement. You’ll learn how to race like a pro with skills like drifting, lead-follow, etc. The M series of courses break down into levels of difficulty – from the regular 1 and 2-day school teaching road skills to advanced, and finally, racing license school. The racing license school prepares you to be a pro driver and students can earn an SCCA license, from the Sports Car Club of America. A license is required for racing in any SCCA competitions.


Instructors are all past Pro drivers. The list of instructors includes Allison Bormann, a winning NASCAR racer, and Matt Mullins, a previous pro driver and a SAG stunt driver.

With the team of BMW Driver Training Instructors plus the mix of varying exercises, you will leave a more confident, safer, and passionate driver regardless of what package you select.

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