Eggs Up Grill of Downtown Greenville

Food in Downtown Greenville…for anyone who frequents this vibrant city, the mere mention brings to mind memories or images of gastropubs, fine dining, and overall excellent cuisine. All of this is correct and no doubt a meal from downtown Greenville completes any afternoon or evening but too often we forget about the champions of the first meal of the day, breakfast!

One of these breakfast restaurants is Eggs Up Grill. Located on Augusta Street, and opening at 6am, this family-owned franchise is egg-cellent! (Pardon the pun, we couldn’t help ourselves!) A loaded breakfast menu to choose from includes eggs benedict, omelets, breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, french toast and so much more! Even their sides are dripping with tasty options. As an added bonus, the eggs are farm fresh!

If you happen to venture to the Eggs Up Grill past your breakfast time, no fear as they are open until 2pm and serve lunch as well! If you are craving a classic egg, bacon and grits kind of breakfast, they serve it all day as well.

No matter what time of day you are exploring and enjoying Greenville, there is a restaurant with an open door and hot food waiting for you!