Get Ready to Experience Rolled Ice Cream at The Crème Shack!

Looking to try one of the hottest, or should we say coolest, crazes? Get ready to experience rolled ice cream in Downtown Greenville! The Crème Shack recently opened and is serving fresh ice cream but not just any ol’ kind…rolled ice cream!
This popular treat started in Thailand and has gained world-wide fame. So what is this specialty treat? Well, basically what it sounds like – rolls of ice cream packed into a cup and then topped with you choice of delectable goodies and extras! Watching the process is almost as enjoyable as eating it. The ice cream liquid is poured on an extremely cold surface, typically a large metal pan, and as the liquid freezes it is pushed into curls with a spatula.
For hours and more information on this local shop, click here to visit the Crème Shack Facebook page.