Greenville, SC’s Coffee Addiction!

Greenville, South Carolina, is becoming well known in the world of food as quite the destination but let’s not forget the hero of the morning (and many an afternoon too!) – coffee!
In the heart of downtown Greenville is a cozy gathering place which is actually below-street-level known as Coffee Underground. Wonder how they decided upon that name? Located at 1 East Coffee Street, this is more than just a coffee shop as this gathering spot features a theater which hosts live shows, independent film screening, and more.
Another popular downtown spot to grab some java is Spill the Beans, address of 531 South Main Street. This little coffeehouse and creamery allows you to sip on your coffee or enjoy your ice cream with views of Falls Park on the Reedy River.
Further down to the Arts District is The Village Grind of 1263 Pendleton Street. With the exposed brick and wooden beams, you get the industrial mill village feel which also serves not only coffee but as an activity hub for many of the artists and shop owners in the Village of West Greenville.
This is only a mere sampling of the numerous coffeehouses and shops that await you in Greenville, South Carolina!