Greenville, SC’s very own Emile Pandolfi

For many of us, we enjoy the beautifully serene sounds of piano music through the day. Whether as background accompaniment for a work day or to keep you company during a car ride, piano music is a favorite for this writer.
Some of my much loved selections are arrangements from movies, whether classic Hollywood or even Disney cartoons. There is one very accomplished artist that not only performs with great skill these works but is a resident of Greenville, SC! That pianist is Emile Pandolfi.
Pandolfi is among America’s most popular pianists and has nearly 30 albums. His ability to weave the classical with the popular has captured music lovers everywhere. A benefit to being a Cliffs or Reserve resident is the opportunity to hear and see this great artist live! This week and next, Emile will be in North and South Carolina for various performances. For details on these events, please click here for his website.
We hope you too find enjoyment in the beautiful works of Emile Pandolfi and are able to have the opportunity to hear him live in concert!