Historic Buildings of Greenville

Greenville is quickly becoming well known across the nation. Known for our beautiful downtown, new attractions, economic growth, and so much more! But let us not forget the historic side this old Southern town has to offer.
There are many historic neighborhoods in Greenville. Although the homes remain private residences, they are lovely to look at as you stroll on down the sidewalk. One such home is the Earle Town House on James Street. This is believed to be the oldest house in Greenville; said to have been built in 1810! Of course, records were not as thoroughly documented then but the house was the first Greenville building to be listed on the US National Register of Historic Places.
If you are looking for the oldest neighborhood and not just the oldest home, then take a stroll past Hampton-Pickney Historic District. With over seventy homes that date from 1890 to 1930, this neighborhood displays the numerous architectural styles and stages of Greenville’s growth and development. This little community also has several church structures, although none are quiet the oldest church structure of the Greenville area.
For the oldest church building, you will need to head downtown to the Christ Church Episcopal. The original section of the church was completed in 1854. Today, as you drive by you will notice the extensive renovations the church is undertaking to preserve the historic structure. Historical tours are offered by the church so please click here if interested in more details.
In days of ole, the South was known for their textiles. Greenville’s oldest complete textile mill is the Huguenot Mill along the Reedy River. Built in 1882, this was the first steam-powered mill in the area. Later, the structure would serve manufacturing and then as an outlet store. After numerous renovations, the mill today is a popular event location and owned by the nearby Peace Center.

Next time you are in Greenville enjoying all the modern comforts and new attractions, take a moment to appreciate the history surrounding you.