The Cliffs: Getting to know Greenville, SC

It does not get much better than residing in on of The Cliffs seven communities. You have your pick of the crop when it comes to things to do. Play golf on one of the seven premiere courses, sail around Lake Keowee, dine at fabulous establishments, or hike maintained trails. No matter your tastes, residing at The Cliffs has something for you and at Justin Winter & Associates | Forbes Global Properties we have an agent that is ready to meet your needs. We will help you find the home of your dreams in one of The Cliff’s luxury communities.

When you are ready to traverse surrounding areas, but let’s be honest you may never want to leave your home once you get settled, you have many choices. Greenville, SC is close by and there is no shortage of activities to suit your fancy.

The Dark Corner Distillery is a great place to visit and good spirits and great company are what you seek. Purveyors of award winning corn whisky moonshine, this establishment offers tastings and tours for everyone, over the age of 21 of course.

Perhaps moonshine doesn’t suit your fancy. How about a visit to Fluor Filed to catch the Greenville Drive minor league baseball team? Fluor Field was meticulously designed in the Fenway Park tradition and will leave baseball fans full to the brim after a great game and maybe a hotdog or two.

The South has a long held tradition of great food and dining options and Greenville is no exception. For the foodies residing at The Cliffs, taking a culinary tour to experience the top chefs and meals around Greenville will surely hit the spot.

After your dining extravaganza, you may want to get a little exercise and the Greenville Health System Swamp Rabbit Trail is a great place to get that done. 17.5 miles of trails along the Reedy River and is an excellent option for a lazy walk or bike ride. This non-motorized paved trail system connects several parts of Greenville and is a great option for a little exercise and sight seeing.

As you can see, Greenville, SC offers the best of Southern hospitality along with so many choices of things to do and see. Residents of The Cliffs have access to this gorgeous sprawling Southern gem and can partake in all the city has to offer. If your interest is piqued, call Justin Winter & Assoc. | Forbes Global Properties today and speak with one of our qualified agents. Live the life you always dreamt of. We can help you with that and so much more.