The Greenville Zoo!

Lions, tigers, and bears! Oh my! But don’t worry, we are talking about the zoo so what better place to see magnificent creatures? The Greenville Zoo is located in Cleveland Park, near downtown, and is home to over 300 animals from around the world! This 14 acre facility is a wonderful stop for locals and tourists alike. Some of the animals that call the Greenville Zoo home include Mochilla, a giant anteater; how about brothers Chuma and Saied, the African Lions; and the ever popular red pandas, Colette and Scarlett. The zoo also features a farm exhibit and a reptile house. Click here for more information on hours and admission.
What about those days you aren’t able to go to the zoo? Well, go to and you can watch a live feed from the giraffe paddock of the Greenville Zoo! The partnership between the zoo and EarthCam provides a peek inside the Masai Giraffe exhibit, the largest of all giraffes by the way. Parents Autumn and Walter can be seen taking care of their little one and many times, the calf provides a good laugh while exploring the world around it!