Touring Top-Rated Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville, South Carolina, is a popular place for residents of Lake Keowee to shop, dine and find great music and entertainment. What you may not know about this vibrant and growing city is the history. That is where Greenville History Tours come in!

John M. Nolan started this city tour company in 2006 and has grown to partner with many local businesses.  His tours have a little of something for everyone, even ranging from walking tours to trolleys. One of the most recent (not to mention delicious) tours is the “At The Chef’s Table” culinary tour. Lasting around 3 hours, your tour includes five fabulous dining experiences plus the opportunity of meeting chefs! This tour also lets you in on some of the historical and cultural gems to Greenville.

If you are needing to walk off some of those tasty meals you find at the numerous top-rated restaurants in downtown, you may be interested in the “West End Walking Tour”. Where else to begin but in stunning Falls Park, the birthplace of Greenville!   Highlights include details of some of the historic buildings and talks of various famous people from Greenville (some you are able to visit their statues).

Great for newcomers or groups is the driving tour of Greenville. This offers both West End and downtown information.  Development of the city plus recent revitalization topics are covered as guests are shown some of Greenville’s highlights.  Vintage pictures are shown to help show all the change this energetic city has gone through.

If you are hungry for more, there is the “Greenville BBQ Trail” tour.  What else needs to be said? Greenville is becoming well known for its BBQ and this tour takes you beyond the center of the city for a taste of the smoky pig.

For the true history buff or architecture fanatic, there is the “Historic Neighborhoods & Architecture: Northwest” tour.  Covering the James and Earle Street Historic Neighborhood, the East Park Historic District and the North Main Historic Neighborhood, this tour displays some of the shining examples of architectural styles over the last 200 years.

Whether you want to learn more of this great city or simply have an urge to try some tasty dishes, check out Greenville History Tours the next time you and your family or friends are in town!