Finding A Home Inspector You Can Trust

Purchasing your dream home in the Lake Keowee region of South Carolina with Justin Winter & Associates | Forbes Global Properties will undoubtedly be one of the best experiences you will have. Our team of expert Realtors knows the Lake Keowee area like no one else and will guide you every step of the way. We want to see your dreams come to life and living on Lake Keowee in one of the communities that make up The Cliffs is our specialty. We want to equip you with everything you need to make the transition into your new home one you will adore.

One of the key aspects of purchasing a luxury property in South Carolina, or anywhere else for that matter is the relationship you will develop with your chosen home inspector. Many real estate deals can go awry during the home inspection process and in some cases purchases go through when there are major flaws within the home leaving homeowners with expenses they did not see coming. According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, the purpose of a home inspection is to provide potential homebuyers with a nonpartisan visual inspection of the systems and structures of a home. The home is inspected for damage and flaws from top to bottom and homebuyers can then decide if they are still willing to purchase the home given the information provided from the inspection.

Choosing a home inspector that you trust is crucial and the cost for a home inspection varies depending on location. It may be tempting to cut costs when it comes to choosing an inspector but doing so is a large gamble. Your home will most likely be the most significant purchase you make during your life time and knowing what you are getting into will give you peace of mind and clarity moving forward.

Homes that are inspected will give potential buyers knowledge about any structural problems that may be a factor in the future along with ongoing maintenance issues that may arise. No home can “fail” a home inspection, as the purpose of an inspection is simply to provide information and not provide any sort of appraisal on the value of the home in question.

If you are in the process of purchasing a home you can consult with our staff and find out whom we trust. Ask friends and neighbors if they have any recommendations and do your research before committing to a particular company. You can also use the find an inspector tool available on the American Society of Home Inspectors website.