Getting ready for boating season on Lake Keowee

It is almost that time of year! The temperatures are rising and the beautiful emerald Lake Keowee seems to be taunting you. The days of sunset cruises and soaking up the sun are just around the corner! It is time to pull that boat or PWC out of storage, dust it off and find that checklist with everything you need to get your watercraft ready for the water.

Whether you choose to de-winterize yourself or take it to your trusted Lake Keowee professional, there are some important things to check. Here is a checklist to help you:


Check under the hood.

The most important items are the engine oil and filter, battery, fuel lines, cooling system hoses and connections, the belts, and (of course) the engine. The process of de-winterizing is also a great opportunity to double check your electrical systems and ensure all lights are functioning properly.


Review the quality of your safety items.

Sitting all year may cause some safety items to deteriorate. Before heading into the water, check all your safety equipment such as life vests, ropes, and fire extinguishers, and replace any that are past their prime.


Remember your dock & lift need care too.

Checking structural, mechanical, and electrical items with your watercraft, and reviewing safety accessories is only one part of being lake-ready.  For Lake Keowee dock owners, de-winterizing is also a process applied to your docks, gangways, and lifts.  Our favorite dock builder is Kroeger Marine. They design and build many of the custom docks within Cliffs and other luxury home communities around Lake Keowee and are a trusted local business.

As a dock owner, you can either work with a dock builder or partake in inspecting your dock and equipment yourself. Many dock builders in the greater Upstate and Lake Keowee area provide maintenance services if needed.

When preparing your dock and equipment for spring, inspection is key. Make sure to inspect your welds and connection points. Any rusted, loose, or cracked welds or bolts will need to be fixed. Also inspect cables, winches, and floats for any visible damage. Next, it’s time to freshen up your gangway and dock platforms with a good pressure washing. Make sure to inspect any decking materials for rough or worn areas that may need to be replaced, sanded, or retreated.

Finally, don’t forget any lifts you have attached to your dock. Lift cables should be closely looked at and if your lifts are hydraulic or automatic, check any wiring as well.

If you notice any issues, make an appointment with a local dock builder who can service your lifts and dock components.

To keep your boat operating at its full potential is a lot of work. Take pride in it and enjoy the process! Once all of the hard work is done, the fun begins!! Add the fun like your ski’s and fishing poles! Crank up the tunes, stock up on sunscreen, grab the coolers and get ready for Summer on Lake Keowee!