Keowee Family Pharmacy

Located conveniently on scenic Highway 11, the Keowee Family Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy and shop that serves the communities of Salem, Sunset, and Tamassee.  Although this fairly remote location does not offer any other pharmacy choices for miles around, Covid-19 hit this family-owned and operated business hard.

In his interview with WYFF 4, David Foster, owner and pharmacist, said “Pharmacies were hit uniquely hard by the pandemic. We got hit with that sudden spike in demand. At the same time, the entire rest of the supply chain was dealing with the same issue.”

The pharmacy is greatly valued by those who do enjoy the close location (whether you live or work nearby and yes, we are especially spoilt to having this lovely store right next door!) but we are trying to help spread the word to ensure this wonderful business is able to keep its doors open.

If you would like details or to donate towards this very worth cause, please click here for the GoFundMe page.

For additional information, please click here for the WYFF 4 story and click here for the Fox Carolina story.

Keowee Family Pharmacy