Looking for a little tranquility? Then look no further than Six Mile, South Carolina!

Looking for a little tranquility? Then look no further than Six Mile, South Carolina!
Recently, Six Mile was featured in the article “10 Small Towns in South Carolina That Offer Nothing But Peace and Quiet”! Six Mile’s location close to Lake Keowee is a plus but this small town is also full of delightful, locally owned stores and restaurants.
This town has a rich history. Once part of the Cherokee Nation, a famous Native American, Issaqueena, is said to have given the name of “Six Mile” to the area. Issaqueena was an Indian maiden who rode her horse on a ninety-six mile journey to warn her lover, who happened to be an English trader by the name Francis Allen, of a Cherokee attack on Star Fort where he was staying. On her mission to save Allen, we now have many towns with “number names” such as the town of Ninety Six, Twelve Mile River, and so on. Per the legend, Issaqueena was successful in warning Allen and they were later married and had a family.
In the year 1777, the rugged area of Six Mile was signed over to the State of South Carolina in a treaty but the area was not settled until around 1800 when pioneers slowly moved in and cleared the land for crops. One reason this early settlement was established here was due to the Keowee Path being a famous trading route in the nation at that time.
1878 brought the first post office for this small town and the community was incorporated by 1910. Six Mile still today holds that precious small town welcome, with gracious Southern charm.  For residents of The Cliffs at Keowee Springs, this town is right at their back door, or should we say back gate? The Cliffs at Keowee Springs‘ address is a Six Mile, South Carolina address so the next time you are considering a place of “peace and quiet”, come give this area a visit. You may just find yourself staying long term!

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