Shoreline Buffers along our Lakes

For those who enjoy the beautiful blue and clear waters of Lake Keowee and Lake Jocassee, we must understand and appreciate the role that shoreline vegetation and buffers play.
Plant life along the shoreline of a lake provides much more than just a natural look. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, this vegetation protects the lake from being overloaded with excess nutrients, contaminants, sediment, and even pathogens. Now that sounds like a lake we would all enjoy swimming in or boating on!
For property owners on the lake, these barriers also shield and filter the noise and odors of activities on the water. Plus, who would not enjoy a view framed by lush greenery or dotted with colorful blooms? Another advantage for water-front property owners is the lower maintenance compared with a typical lawn.
The award-winning book that covers in-depth information on this topic, specific to our region, is “Life at The Water’s Edge, A Shoreline Resident’s Guide to Natural Lakeshore and Streamside Buffers for Water Quality Protection in South Carolina”, edited by Lin Roth, PH.D.. For more information on this book and other topics by the Clemson Public Service and Agriculture, click here.