Twin Falls of the Eastatoe Valley

Only a few minutes from the main gate of The Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards is a stunning waterfall known as Twin Falls. The gorgeous waterfall, or “falls” as the name suggests, is also known by the name Eastatoe Falls or Reedy Cove Falls.

The walk to the falls is fairly easy; so much that we are hesitant to even call it a hike! This is great for the entire family, although there is a narrow place on the path so please do keep a watchful eye out for any little ones running ahead. Along the trail to the falls, you will enjoy walking by the Reedy Cove Creek. There are several spots that are great to have a picnic lunch or dip your feet in the cold, mountain water. Once you reach the end of the path, there is a viewing deck that allows you to take in this double wonder. The larger of the two falls on the left falls from 75 feet! The right fall is a shorter drop and down a slope but the two together form a great sight.



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