Update for Lake Keowee Dock Owners

There is no denying that Lake Keowee has brought enjoyment to countless people over the years. It is a pristine lake with crystal clear water! This lake is also home to a wide variety of fish and wildlife. With the beauty and wildlife in mind, Duke Energy and the Keowee-Toxaway Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) are requiring that any unencapsulated foam floatation on docks be removed before September 1st, 2018. This material has been acknowledged as being unsafe for the environment but also unsightly when any of it breaks away and floats on the lake. For more information or contact information for Duke Energy, click here.
The SMP has been put in place as guidance for construction, shoreline stabilization and other activities that are within the lake boundaries for Keowee and Jocassee. This will protect the natural resources while still allowing for public and private access to these lakes. It would be difficult to put a price on the recreational, cultural, and environmental, not to mention scenic value that these wonderful lakes provide!