Jump Off Rock of Hendersonville, NC

Hendersonville, North Carolina is home to many beautiful sites! This area is known for its stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, quaint shops, local produce and much more. One of the many reasons this is a favorite for some of The Cliffs Communities and The Reserve at Lake Keowee residents. One particular great overlook is Jump Off Rock. This free public park has panoramic views of the Pisgah and Blue Ridge Mountains yet is only about 5 minutes from downtown Hendersonville. Once in downtown, follow 5th Avenue West, which becomes Laurel Park Highway, until the road dead ends at the park. Several short trails wind around the granite outcropping if you are ready for a short trek!
Jump Off Rock isn’t only known for its views but also for the legend…some say it is haunted! There is an old Native American legend that has been passed down that tells of a young Cherokee chief falling in love with a maiden of the tribe. Their meeting spot was on top of the rock ledge that overlooks the valley. This young chief was called to war and of course, his love vowed to wait for his return at that spot. The maiden heard that her loved one was killed during the battle and she then jumped off the edge of the rock. Legend goes that on moonlit nights, you can still see her ghost!

Jump Off Rock NC March 2016 edited