Winter Lights at North Carolina Arboretum

Starting in November 17th and lasting until New Year’s Day will be the return of the popular Winter Lights event in Asheville, North Carolina!

Held at the North Carolina Arboretum from 6-9 PM daily, this holiday event is an open-air format which allows you to immerse yourself in the wonder and magic of Christmas in the mountains.  As you walk amongst the carefully crafted gardens and woodland paths, lighted displays illuminate your sure-to-be crisp night stroll, leading up to one of the most popular holiday features – the 50-foot lighted tree!  Another popular feature of this event, The Quilt Garden, will also be bright and shinning, awaiting your oohs and aahs.

The Winter Lights event is one of the Arboretum’s largest fundraisers. Visiting the event helps not only maintain the grounds, but fund other local missions such as area conservation projects or educational programs for continuing education and grade school.

Tickets are on sale now and please note, you must purchase your tickets in advance.  Instead of per person pricing, this year the Arboretum will be charging per vehicle and the price will vary depending your vehicle’s size.  Pricing also will vary based on when you visit. For instance, during the week of Christmas or the week following, prices will be at their peak. To grab a good deal, mid-week during November or early December is best.  Click here to purchase your tickets and for more information on the new pricing structures.