Cliffs Residents Give Back

Residents of The Cliffs communities have one thing in common: they give back. Whether it is through private donations, community service, or working alongside community leaders, members of The Cliffs communities know the importance of supporting those in need. Generosity not only thrives within the communities but residents are overflowing with kindness and desire to see fellow citizens, especially children, thrive.

The Cliffs Residents Outreach, known as CRO, is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 by the developer of The Cliffs communities and citizens living in both The Cliffs Valley and The Cliffs at Glassy. The CRO began as a way to administer community outreach and provide humanitarian aid and efforts to fellow residents of Greenville County. The Cliffs at Glassy and Valley both developed relationships with several elementary schools and were even responsible for the CRO Backpack Program. Through donations, residents are able to ensure that no child goes hungry over the weekends.

What started as a way to organize efforts has blossomed into a charitable organization that now provides support throughout the community of Greenville County. As time passed, other South Carolina Cliffs communities soon joined. Rooted in a desire to foster relationships with children and provide for those in need, the CRO continues to thrive. Each participating community serves in differing capacities but all to the same end: to love and serve the children of Greenville County.

There are many things that set the seven Cliffs communities apart, but it is generosity and altruism that stands out most. If you are looking for a luxury property that provides world-class amenities and has a wide reach within the local community, look no further than The Cliffs communities of South Carolina. Justin Winter & Associates | Forbes Global Properties has listings available and would cherish the opportunity to assist you with any questions you may have regarding these astounding properties. Contact us today for more information.